Chez Tina&Marc

„The Hot Tip in the Caribbean for individualist tourists“

Welcome in Martinique (French Antilles) on the island of flowers “Madinina” in our private and familiarly led boarding house. We are located in Lorrain (North-Atlantic) above the town, in a calm mountain-site, in the green heart of the island, also known as “Kingdom of Banana”. We are surrounded by the juicy green Caribbean flora and fauna among bananas, coconut palms, breadfruit trees, mango-, lemon-, orange- and cinnamon-trees and lots of other exotic fruits and spices. And you have a pleasant view onto the sea, the Mont Pelée and the neighbouring island of Domenica. Here you can calmly let dangle your soul while watching the humming bird as they are flying straight through the house. Our apartments are equipped with a bedroom, a big kitchen-living room (suitable for self-catering; a lot of shopping facilities and super-markets are to be found near our house), a bathroom with toilet and warm shower as well as a large terrace and balcony. Bed linen and towels are provided, but please bring along your own towels for the beach. The nearest beach is in a distance of 15 minutes by car. There are various leisure facilities and everyone can find something after his or her own fancy, for example: hiking, swimming, skin-diving, diving, surfing, sailing, going on a boat, water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, canoeing, riding, dancing, gambling (there are 2 casinos), playing squash, tennis or golf, shopping, sightseeing and sightseeing flights, and even flying yourself. There is much to see, as for example the tropical rainforest with all its canyons and cascades, numerous interesting museums, factories producing rum, buildings, ruins and monuments, and above all the Caribbean markets where lots of exotic fruits, vegetables and spices make a mixture of Caribbean colours and smells. Even the first impression of the island and its friendly native Creoles gives a special panache. It is also said that the capital city of Fort-de-France is the “Paris in the Caribbean”. On demand we also offer demi-pension (breakfast and evening meal) prepared in Creole or international style. We once do a “Mischuit” (a whole mutton roasted on a spit) or a barbecue on the beach. We also arrange excursion on a boat with a Creole fisherman to wonderful, remote beaches, which are only accessible by boat. Now there is nothing to add except:

Have a nice journey